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I grew up in a town were the only jobs you could get were in the garment industry. What a great place to grow up in for a little girl that made all of her doll's clothing or a teenager that designed her own fashion. My parents had a small garment business and that is were I got my first job. Our house was full of dressmakers and seamstresses. As a young adult I enrolled in fashion design college and my life long dream is my own brand of clothing. What you see here, in this shop, is the beginning of my journey. I do not know where this journey is going to take me, but I wish you to join me on that journey.

This journey was inspired by awesome, creative and gutsy people, who started their own business without any prior experience. If they can make it, so can I. To my help I have three kids, Nathaniel age 6, Alexander age 4 and little fashionista Felicia age 2 and my tech savvy husband.



Meet my Team! Felicia 2 years, Nathaniel 6 years and Alexander 4 years...the best I ever done in my life❤️❤️❤️#myteam#milaandmoccs #moccs#mocs #moccasins #mockasiner#kidsfashion#miniwilla#bobochoses#childrenofthetribe#organic#igostripesstudio#monochrome#blackandwhite#coolkids#purelove chlothes and the poster come from: @bobochoses@ @childrenofthetribe @miniwilla @igotstripes_studio @shopjunepark#ministylekids#ministylefamily

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